We at Glimakra can answer your questions about new or used looms.   Glimakra looms have not changed much over time, but even
experienced weavers who have had their Glimakra loom a long time may
have questions about their loom and attachments.  Some weavers want to add shafts and treadles.  Some older looms may need parts or
new heddles, tie-up cord or a countermarch added.  And we get a lot of
questions about adding a drawloom to their Glimakra Standard or Ideal

I have been teaching weaving for over 40 years and have woven on many different types of looms over the years.  So, I am very familiar with most types of looms. We have information on our website for those who purchase new or used counterbalance and countermarch looms. So, if you have questions about barn frame looms, looms from other companies or just general questions, just ask.